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October 5, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump has tested positive and been hospitalized for coronavirus and his condition, by all accounts, is worse than that which his doctors are claiming

–Donald Trump doctor, Sean Conley, is caught lying about Donald Trump’s coronavirus symptoms and treatment

–Democrat Jaime Harrison brings his own plexiglass shield to a debate against incumbent South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

–Joe Biden’s lead nearly doubles to 14 over Donald Trump in one of the first major polls since the first presidential debate

–A manic Donald Trump sends an unhinged tweetstorm from his hospital bed at Walter Reed Medical Center, where he is being treated for coronavirus

–A bizarre video of Donald Trump recorded at Walter Reed Medical Center appears to have a coughing fit edited out

–Fox News host Chris Wallace reveals that Donald Trump actually arrived to last week’s debate too late to be tested and instead was allowed in “on the honor system”

–Fox News host Chris Wallace confronts and destroys dishonest Senior Trump Adviser Steve Cortes about the Trump family’s refusal to wear masks during the first presidential debate

–Voicemail caller asks how Donald Trump and his campaign would have reacted if it were Joe Biden instead of Trump who had coronavirus

–On the Bonus Show: Coronavirus complicates SCOTUS fight, Regal closing all movie theaters this week, 11 cases traced to Presidential debate, much more…

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