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October 4, 2021

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–On the Show:

–New “COVID pill” developed by Merck, which cuts the risk of hospitalization and death from COVID by 50%, may be  heading for an emergency use authorization from the FDA

–The last 100,000 US COVID deaths have been mostly in red counties within red states, aka Trumpland

–Arizona Democratic contrarian Senator Kyrsten Sinema flees to the bathroom, and is followed in by activists

–West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin speaks to West Virginians from his yacht, as his state desperately needs help

–Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, admits that some of his “evidence” about 2020 voter “fraud” came from social media

–Donald Trump’s former fraud lawyer Sidney Powell has been effectively banned from all Trump properties, put on a “no-go” list

–A disturbing and horrifying video of a teacher spreading COVID disinformation in a video explaining why she was not in school that day, the real reasons being her refusal to get vaccinated or be tested for COVID

–Republican Senator Ron Johnson falsely claims that there is no FDA approved COVID vaccine available in the United States by amplifying another false conspiracy theory

–Voicemail caller leaves what might be the nicest voicemail we’ve ever received

–On the Bonus Show: GOP in the redistricting game for the long haul, slicing up liberal cities becoming the new Republican gerrymandering strategy, CT doctor loses medical license for giving out blank, signed COVID vaccine exemptions forms, much more…

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