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October 25, 2019

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–On the Show:

–A new book coming out called “All the President’s Women” has a 50-page appendix containing a total of two hundred women alleging that Donald Trump sexually assaulted or harassed them

–Caller questions whether we’d get Medicare for All passed into law if Bernie Sanders becomes president

–Caller thinks Elizabeth Warren is bad on foreign policy

–Caller comments on the Sam Seder / Tim Pool debate

–Caller wonders what Republicans will do about impeachment

–Caller discusses the government’s role in combating fake news

–Caller talks about how to get people to take a more nuanced look at politics

–Caller talks about presidential candidates accepting cryptocurrency donations

–Caller asks if Mitch McConnell is vulnerable in his reelection bid

–Audience Question: Are dating preferences a form of racism?

–Audience Question: How divided is the left today

–Audience Question: Does socialism vs social democracy make sense?

–On the Bonus Show: Half of Americans think Democrats are too far left, Slenderman-inspired stabbing victim speaks out, cockfighting to be banned in Puerto Rico, and much more…

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