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October 24, 2011

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / October 24th, 2011

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On the Show:

–Terrance Heath, Online Producer and Blogger at Campaign for America’s Future, joins us to talk about a recent Tea Party Nation email asking businesses not to hire people simply to make President Obama look bad, and for political gain.

–Sir Darryl Roberts fills in for Producer Louis Motamedi.

–Concerned audience members emailed David asking about whether Louis was near the Turkish earthquake zone, and David explains what he knows.

–David asks the audience to help add to the show’s Wikipedia page, talks about why he doesn’t care about this year’s World Series, and more.

–President Obama announces the end of the Iraq War, and Republicans immediately start criticizing Obama, in many cases for things they should be blaming George W. Bush.

–Why Occupy Wall Street might inadvertently be good for the Tea Party.

–Washington DC cops who bodyslammed wheelchair-bound Dwight Harris will not be charged.

–Herman Cain and Mitt Romney are both reportedly using their campaign funds to enrich themselves and their associates.

–After meeting with Donald Trump, Rick Perry refuses to say that he is sure about President Obama’s nationality, indicated Donald Trump insists Obama’s birth certificate is fake.

–Insects are becoming more and more popular as a food, and we discuss insects as a meat replacement and the social and economic repercussions.

–Why Noam Chomsky is wrong about Twitter.

–A Japanese company proposes a ring of solar panels around the Moon to meet Earth’s energy needs, and we talk about the obvious and less obvious complications.

–On the Bonus Show: Anthony Weiner still spending campaign money, home raided after “heroin for sale” flyers posted, strange “Animal Phobia” video, more.

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