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October 23, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Joe Biden attacks while Donald Trump self-destructs in the second and final presidential debate

–Caller speculates whether Florida will make the difference in the 2020 election

–Caller asks about Joe Biden’s position on marijuana

–Caller has a friend who is a Trump supporter

–Caller asks why people working under Trump don’t always quit

–Caller asks if there’s a way to stop Amy Coney Barrett from getting approved before the election

–Caller wants to combat Fox News talking points

–Caller asks if Biden will restore America’s image in the world

–Caller asks what happens if Texas turns blue

–Caller talks about if Democrats should act like Republicans

–Audience Question: Is the future of the United States socialist?

–Audience Question: Do you support a mandatory gun buyback program?

–Audience Question: What happens to Republicans if Trump loses?

–On the Bonus Show: The world-famous Friday Bonus Show with Producer Pat!

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