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October 18, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is absolutely furious with Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders over an op-ed that Bernie wrote for the West Virginia newspaper Charleston Gazette-Mail

–Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was fully vaccinated, has died of COVID-related complications

–Texas school official Gina Peddy is caught on an audio recording saying that lessons about the Holocaust should include “opposing” views

–Fox News propagandist goes fully homophobic in reaction to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg taking paternity leave

–Donald Trump’s Republican adversaries, including those who voted to impeach him in the second impeachment trial, are raising more money than their opponents

–Donald Trump’s deposition is scheduled to begin today in one of many cases pending involving him

–Republican Senator Ted Cruz gets crushed by Michael Gunner, the Australian Chief Minister for the Northern Territory, after sticking his foot in his mouth regarding COVID guidelines

–Fox News is desperately trying to resurrect the so-called War on Christmas once again

–A very confused voicemail caller believes that our reporting on a racist comment by Trump was our racism, and that our channel will never succeed

–On the Bonus Show: Fauci optimistic about holidays for vaccinated people, high-schoolers training to drive 18-wheelers amid shortage, Chicago police time of restricted over vaccine feud, much more…

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