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October 16, 2018

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–America’s lawyer Mike Papantonio, featured for his work on the case against Dupont and a toxic chemical called C8 that was dumped into the Ohio River Valley, joins David to discuss the new documentary film about the case, “The Devil We Know”

–Saudi Arabia will reportedly change their story about the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, reportedly claiming that Khashoggi was indeed at their embassy in Istanbul, Turkey, and was accidentally killed during an interrogation gone wrong

–Donald Trump denies having offered $1 million for proof of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Native American heritage despite being on video making the offer

–Russian trolls and bots are loving the Elizabeth Warren Native American DNA story, and we discuss why

–Donald Trump will answer questions from Robert Mueller’s investigators in the Trump-Russia probe in writing, at least initially

–The US budget deficit hits a 6 year high

–Republican operatives in Arizona are caught trying to donate cash to Democrat Tom O’Halleran’s campaign as “communists”

–Voicemail caller asks what it would take for Canadian provinces to join the US as American states

–On the Bonus Show: Judge rules in favor of Trump in Stormy Daniels lawsuit, Patriots fans throw beer at Chiefs player, Defense Secy Mattis says he’s never registered for any political party, much more…

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