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October 15, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Robert P. Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute and author of the new book “White Too Long: The Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity,” joins David to discuss white supremacy in American Christianity and more.

–The American Enterprise Institute, a right-wing think tank, has analyzed Joe Biden’s tax plans and admits most taxes will be borne by the richest Americans, and the plan would be stimulative to the economy

–The Hunter Biden “bombshell” from the New York Post, promoted extensively by Donald Trump, could be completely fake

–Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about Donald Trump retweeting wild conspiracy theories, and much more

–Donald Trump’s voice fails him at a bizarre event with a number of economic clubs

–CNN host Jake Tapper can’t help but laugh in Donald Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow’s face when Kudlow claims that the administration has figured out how to deal with coronavirus

–Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser was interviewed by journalist Mehdi Hasan and clearly wasn’t prepared to be confronted

–Voicemail caller says he doesn’t like Donald Trump nor Joe Biden and is thinking of voting third party

–On the Bonus Show: Postal Service failed to update millions of addresses, SCOTUS won’t hear attempt to block Medicaid funding from Planned Parenthood, studies show people with O blood type have lower COVID risk, much more…

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