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October 12, 2016

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On the Show:

–Melanie Joy, Harvard-educated psychologist and author of the book Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, joins David to discuss veganism and carnism

–Wikileaks releases emails sent to the Hillary Clinton campaign, revealing all sorts of coordination between the DNC, Clinton campaign, and corporate media outlets

–Donald Trump made numerous claims in the second presidential debate that turned out to be patently untrue

–Donald Trump’s campaign is spinning out of control in the final month of the election cycle, so he is taking it out on fellow Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan and Arizona Senator John McCain

–Hatriot Mail

–In a recent CNN interview, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyann Conway fails to understand first grade math

–Donald Trump supporter Vicki Sciolaro blows away CNN host Brooke Baldwin with her defense of Trump’s controversial 2005 remarks

–Despite murder and violent crime statistics declining since the 1990s, Donald Trump acts like it’s at an all-time high

–Pat Robertson, host of The 700 Club, makes foolish commentary about the Pu$$y-gate scandal, saying that “Donald Trump was trying to look macho”

-Voicemail alleging David is a hypocrite for criticizing Christopher Columbus and then taking Columbus Day off

–On the Bonus Show: Obama pledges to land on Mars, sexual assault stories being shared by women on Twitter and Ronald McDonald laying low amidst the recent clown scare, and much more…

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