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November 7, 2019

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–On the Show:

–A detailed look at Bernie Sanders’ newly-proposed immigration reform plan, including DACA, ICE and CBP, Medicare-for-All, child separations, and much more

–Notable discussions from the TDPS subreddit, including about the English language as spoken by Republicans and conservative contributions to society

–Public impeachment inquiry hearings against Donald Trump are set to start next week, beginning with three witnesses and much controversy

–Republicans are desperate to steal the Kentucky Gubernatorial election in which Republican Matt Bevin lost to Democrat Andy Beshear by just over 5,000 votes

–Donald Trump told his Attorney General William Barr to hold a propaganda press conference to assert that Donald Trump broke no laws via his participation in the Ukraine Joe Biden fiasco, a request which Barr denied

–Lawless thug Donald Trump Jr. tweets out the named of the alleged Ukraine whistleblower, a belligerent and destructive act which endangers the life of the alleged whistleblower

–Absolutely devastating national poll numbers for Donald Trump in which he is losing nationally to Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders by 17, 15, and 14 points, respectively

–Trumpist voicemail caller viciously attacks David

–On the Bonus Show: Jeff Sessions to run for Senate, Italy will teach climate change in schools, Las Vegas continues to criminalize poverty, much more…

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