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November 29, 2012

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Today on The David Pakman Show / November 29, 2012

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On the Show:

–World View with Denis Campbell, Editor-in-Chief of UK Progressive Magazine, joins David to discuss Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s latest power-grab, a declaration that exempts his decisions from any legal challenge, as well as the topic of whether Egypt will remain a US ally going forward.

–David shows, piece by piece, how Fox News distorts statistics and uses deceptive infographics.

–Glenn Beck’s latest stunt involves putting a President Obama doll in “urine.”

–Inmate Robert Gleason, Jr. opts for death by electric chair, which hasn’t been used since 2010.

–Steven Unruh claims to have had a conversation with Batman shooter James Holmes while in prison, during which he says Holmes indicated that his therapist had brainwashed him to kill, but police say the alleged conversation would not have been impossible.

–Country singer Trace Adkins wears a Confederate flag during his performance on an NBC Christmas special.

–Porn star Nina Hartley trolls conservative anti-gay anti-porn Pastor John Hagee, asking him to sign a book for her, and she says she considered “flashing my boobs.”

–An anti-Semitic storm in the soccer world involving English Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur club.

–It’s announced that there are two wining Powerball tickets for the $579.9 million jackpot, and we discuss the correlation between money and happiness and the less-than-ideal fortunes of many lottery winners.

–Scientists develop a 3D tissue printer that can print human cartilage.

–Voicemail & email on prison price gouging, the next George Zimmerman, more…

–On the Bonus Show: NYU email chaos, effects of chemotherapy on brain, Egypt death sentences over film, more…

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