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November 28, 2016

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–On the Show:

–Fidel Castro, who governed Cuba for 47 years as Prime Minister and then President, dies at the age of 90

–The Jill Stein campaign pushes for recounts in three states narrowly won by Donald Trump after discrepancies emerge between precincts using electronic voting machines and those using paper ballots

–Even before the Wisconsin recount takes place, Donald Trump’s margin of victory drops 17% due to errors in three Outagamie County precincts

–Upset that he lost the popular vote, Donald Trump takes to Twitter to allege without evidence that he was the victim of mass voter fraud

–President-elect Trump will be in violation of the US Constitution’s emoluments clause if he continues to receive payments from foreign dignitaries staying at his hotels

–Donald Trump said in his post-election 60 Minutes interview that he plans to deport 2-3 million immigrants when he takes office, amounting to less than Barack Obama’s total

–Luigi Zingales wrote an editorial in The New York Times arguing that issue specific critiques will be the most effective way to contest a Trump presidency

–President-elect Trump reportedly had a conversation with Argentine President Mauricio Marci about the stalled construction of a 35-story Trump office building and now that project has resumed

–Donald Trump has only had two classified intelligence briefings since being elected President nearly three weeks ago, a far lower frequency than previous Presidents-elect

–Voicemail criticizes David for taking off Thanksgiving and celebrating the exploitation of Native Americans

–On the Bonus Show: Elephants being born without tusks due to poaching, beverage companies trying to block national parks from banning bottled water sales, an upcoming FOIA segment and much more…

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