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November 27, 2018

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–Andrew Torrez, attorney, graduate of Harvard Law, and co-host of the Opening Arguments show, joins David to discuss court packing and other legal strategies that Democrats can employ once they’ve been sworn in with control of the House of Representatives

–Despite Donald Trump’s promises, disastrous new layoff announcements from Ford and General Motors show that the American can industry is getting crushed under the current administration

–Donald Trump is furious that his own administration’s study found that climate change is real, and an urgent crisis, and Trump explains he simply doesn’t believe the report

–CBS reporter Paula Reid fact checks President Donald Trump to his face after Trump lies about his immigration policy, and Trump simply walks away

–In a growing authoritarian nightmare, Donald Trump floats the idea of a state-run propaganda media network

–Transgender Honduran immigrant Roxsana Hernandez Rodriguez died while in ICE custody, and an autopsy reveals that she was beaten while in custody before her death

–Countless investigations into Donald Trump and his administration are going to start immediately, including into Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Trump’s financial ties to Saudi Arabia, Ivanka Trump’s use of private email, and much more

–A voicemail caller is in despair over climate change and wonders what can be done before it’s too late

–On the Bonus Show: India now leading the world on renewable energy, 2nd TN prisoner chooses electric chair, much more…

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