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November 26, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Republicans vote for a government shutdown and for the US to default on its debt in the latest pathetic display of partisanship led by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

–175 hospital workers have been fired in North Carolina for refusing to get vaccinated, and various health systems are having to do the same thing

–Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson says that people are being “forced” to get fake vaccination cards during a deranged segment on his program

–Fox News panelist Jessica Tarlov crushes Jesse Watters and Dan Bongino, who try to spread disinformation about crime in the United States

–Donald Trump reportedly skipped receiving anesthesia during a colonoscopy in order to prevent Mike Pence from temporarily assuming the power of the Presidency, according to the new book “I’ll Take Your Questions Now” by Stephanie Grisham

–Donald Trump reportedly told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he had to pretend to be more tough on him in public, according to the new book “I’ll Take Your Questions Now” by Stephanie Grisham

–Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott is now completely underwater with 51% of voters saying they would not vote to re-elect him

–Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz has hired a bevy of lawyers who specialized in defending sex crimes, signaling potential trouble upcoming for him

–Voicemail caller asks whether the “Blacks for Trump” group that is prominent at Trump rallies is actually a real group

–On the Bonus Show: NBA anti-vaxxers trying to push league around, mail delivery about to get permanently slower, NYC can proceed with vaccinate mandate, much more…

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