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November 22, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Democrats are potentially facing a historic defeat in 2022 and warnings from people like political scientist Rachel Bitecofer and others should not be ignored

–COVID protests around the world turn violent, including in the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Belgium, the Caribbean, and more

–Donald Trump has “written” a book, and it’s a picture book with captions for the pictures that read like Trump’s tweets

–Trump is interviewed about his picture book by Fox News’ Mark Levin and it’s as embarrassing as any interview Trump has ever done

–Fox Host Pete Hegseth is triggered when interviewed by Mediaite’s Aidan McLaughlin about his criticism of Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate despite Fox News having its own stricter mandate

–Hundreds of Proud Boys jump the turnstiles on the New York subway, a crime for which black teenagers are often detained and arrested

–Republican insiders reveal that Donald Trump is furious that Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is growing more popular among Republicans

–A weekend of conspiracies plaguing the American right wing, including about replacing Kamala Harris, vaccines, religious prophecy, and much more

–Voicemail call wonders whether high Canadian gas prices are also Joe Biden’s fault, since Republicans are blaming him for high American gas prices

–On the Bonus Show: Trump mega-donor Louis DeJoy in jeopardy as Postmaster General, NYC wants to limit AI hiring tools, Trump’s estate tax giveaway triggered 50% drop in IRS revenue, much more…

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