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November 22, 2012

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Today on The David Pakman Show / November 22, 2012 / Best of from November 24, 2011

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–John Becker, Communications Director of Truth Wins Out, who did an undercover video investigation of Marcus and Michele Bachmann’s anti-gay therapy clinic, is back to discuss Marcus Bachmann personally calling him to collect money allegedly owed to the clinic for canceled anti-gay therapy appointments.

–Jackson Katz, anti-sexist activist and author, and expert on on violence, media, and masculinity, is on the program to discuss media coverage of Penn State’s sexual abuse scandal, the effect of accuser vs. victim naming in the media, and more.

–New study shows Fox News viewers know less about the news than people who watch no news at all.

–Fox News starts spinning pepper-spraying cops with Megyn Kelly saying it is basically just a food product.

–A Bronx man’s death who died after being pepper-sprayed by NYPD has been ruled a homicide.

–A 19-year-old says she has miscarried her baby as a result of being kicked in the stomach and pepper-sprayed by Seattle Police at an Occupy Wall Street protest.

–With Thanksgiving and Black Friday coming up, we talk about Black Friday shopping, retailers opening earlier and earlier, including on Thanksgiving itself, and dealing with employees around working holidays.

–More Republican debates, including one where they tell us which countries they would bomb, another where they tout their deep Christianity, and the problems many Republican candidates seem to have figuring out whether Africa is a country, continent, or what it is.

–Rick Perry suggests Hamas and Hezbollah are working in Mexico, but decides not to cite any evidence of it.

–Goldline executives are charged with fraud, and David outlines a previous investigation we did that resulted in Goldline public relations and legal representatives calling him.

–Emails on pizza being a vegetable, school lunches, Newt Gingrich saying child labor laws are stupid, and the UC Davis pepper spray Lt. John Pike incident.

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