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November 21, 2011

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / November 21st, 2011

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On the Show:

–Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota Governor, joins us to talk about his lawsuit against the TSA, his thoughts on Occupy Wall Street, whether he’s moving to Mexico, and more.

–Steve Edwards, education expert and former VP of National Crime Prevention Center, joins us to discuss ways that scandals like the Penn State sexual abuse scandal involving Jerry Sandusky can be prevented.

–Occupy Wall Street protesters at UC Davis in California are pepper sprayed en masse at point blank range, and we look at video and pictures of the incident, call UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi to ask her if she plans to resign, talk about former poet Laureate Robert Hass being clubbed by police at UC Berkeley, and consider whether New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Sunday night terror press conference was simply political strategy to distract from criticism regarding how he has handled Occupy Wall Street protesters.

–Syracuse basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine is on administrative leave pending an investigation of child molestation allegations.

–Newt Gingrich says child labor laws are stupid.

–As part of a recently approved House measure, pizza is considered a vegetable, and we talk about the absurdity.

–With Thanksgiving coming up, it’s important to know that the damaging chemical BPA has been found in many Thanksgiving favorites.

–Emails on Herman Cain meltdown, would you turn in your friends for crimes, Penn State sexual abuse, more.

–On the Bonus Show: EU bans claim that water prevents dehydration, drunk driver arrested after crash while wearing “I’m a Drunk” tshirt, Texas drought exposes graves, Pakistan text bans, more.

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