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November 20, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Justin DeWitt, Democratic nominee for Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District in 2018 against Republican incumbent Garret Graves, was fired from his job at SJB Group just days after losing his election, and joins David to discuss

–A terrible Monday this week with four mass shootings in Chicago, Denver, St. Louis and Philadelphia

–After years of calling for Hillary Clinton’s imprisonment for her use of private email, the right now has to contend with reports that Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has been doing the exact same thing

–President Donald Trump has been privately asking aides and advisers whether Vice President Mike Pence is actually loyal to him

–A new FCC could has the potential to destroy independent programs like The David Pakman Show and others

–An anti-vaccine stronghold in North Carolina is hit with the worst chickenpox outbreak in two decades

–David decides to argue politics on the internet and it was a really bad idea

–Voicemail caller suggests that the NPC meme and the migrant caravan might have taken down Democrats in the 2018 midterm election just weeks ago

–On the Bonus Show: The White House Correspondents’ Association has caved to Trump, pro-life bill allows possibility of death penalty for abortion providers & pregnant people, Cleveland Browns reportedly courting Condi Rice for head coach, much more…

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