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November 2, 2015

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Today on The David Pakman Show / November 2, 2015

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On the Show:

–Melissa Carrion and Lindsay Ainsworth, two Dayton, Ohio women who claim they are being kicked out of their apartment by their landlord for having a Black Lives Matter sign on their lawn, join David to discuss what is happening

–Russian Airline MetroJet says the recent crash was caused not by a mechanical failure but rather by an “external impact”

–Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is protested by Black Lives Matter, who interrupted her speech at a historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia

–Black man Deonte Lynn is stopped and held by a police officer for 30 minutes because the officer didn’t like the way Lynn was walking

–Notable Amazon items including Doctor Who, Sons of Anarchy, and a Stephen Hawking book

–Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson’s claims that he has not had an association with pyramid scheme quack cure company Mannatech fall apart as Carson is completely exposed as a liar

–Neurosurgeon and Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson restates that he does not believe in evolution

–Another difference surfaces as Bernie Sanders says he wants to end the death penalty, while Hillary Clinton expresses opposition to ending capital punishment

–A lesbian couple says they were arrested for kissing in public

–Voicemail about John Kasich’s facial ticks and Ben Carson’s bizarre delivery

–On the Bonus Show: Updates on Louis’ trip, the new studio, the 2016 Hatriot Mail calendar, and more…

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