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November 17, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Ruth Ben-Ghiat, historian and NYU Professor, joins David to discuss authoritarianism, Donald Trump, strongmen, dictators, and much more

–It is revealed that Donald Trump considered bombing Iran last week in response to their accumulation of nuclear material which came after Donald Trump abruptly ended the Iran Nuclear Deal

–The crisis in the US is not actually Donald Trump, but rather Republican voters and the Republican Party

–Fox News’ Lou Dobbs interviews a supposed witness to voter fraud in Michigan, Mellissa Carone, and it goes horribly and hilariously wrong

–Disgusted Fox News host Leland Vittert flips out on Trump flunkie Erin Perrine as she fails to explain Donald Trump’s path to victory over Joe Biden

–Fox News anchor Chris Wallace explains to colleague John Roberts that Donald Trump is not actually winning, although his voters are “susceptible” to thinking that he is

–Fox News host Eric Shawn interrupts himself over a shocking and disgusting sign seen at the “Million MAGA” march in Washington DC, but fails to actually condemn its content

–The Eggman calls in absolutely furious with David’s recent comments about apple pie

–On the Bonus Show: Trump border wall update, White House orders troop withdrawals, GA Secy of State says Lindsay Graham implied they should throw out ballots, much more…

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