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November 17, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Classic interview: Crispin Sartwell, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Dickinson College and author of a number of books in political theory and aesthetics, joins David to discuss his assertion that the left/right political paradigm is bogus

–Undercover tests of the Transportation Security Administration’s screeners, equipment, and procedures find that the methods used at security checkpoints fail “in the ballpark” of 80% of the time

–Caller doesn’t believe that political correctness and Islam should be the focus of so much political debate

–Caller asks who would win in a 2020 Democratic primary race between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden

–Caller wishes the Democratic Party would reach out to people in red states

–Caller suggests there are more important issues that the news should be covering than the Russia scandal and Donald Trump’s antics

–Caller discusses Kellyanne Conway’s latest interview on ABC’s “This Week”

–Caller thinks Democrats should attach a minimum wage hike to the Republican tax reform bill

–Audience Question: What belief are you most embarrassed to have held in the past?

–Audience Question: What have you done in your life that you will never do again?

–Audience Question: What would actually happen if Roe v. Wade was struck down by the Supreme Court?

–On the Bonus Show: Trump nominates a new HHS Secretary, Bill Gates to build a smart city in Arizona, Barbie gets a hijab, and much more…

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