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November 12, 2018

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–Dr Mick, licensed couple and family therapist with a PhD in human development, joins David to discuss the intersection of anxiety, video games, and mental health, destigmatizing mental health, and more

–Despite golfing in the rain regularly, Donald Trump cancels his appearance at a World War I commemoration event in France after traveling all the way across the Atlantic Ocean because it was raining, and the world is laughing at him

–Donald Trump’s installation of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to replace Jeff Sessions is deemed unconstitutional by legal scholars on both the left and right of the political spectrum

–Donald Trump’s acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker previously said that only New Testament Christians are fit to be federal judges, directly contradicting the US Constitution and the Justice Department’s guidelines

–Donald Trump enters a strange talking point coma when asked about his acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, repeating multiple lies multiple times, including that he has never met Matthew Whitaker, and that Whitaker is greatly respected

–Three generations of David Pakman Show fans in the same family contribute a great membership discount to the TDPS audience

–Donald Trump claims that counting ballots is “voter fraud,” as Sean Hannity wants someone jailed for the ballot counting currently taking place in Florida

–Voicemail caller wonders whether the incoming Democratically-controlled House of Representatives to spend their time investigating Trump, or alternatively, getting productive legislation passed

–On the Bonus Show: Sunday shows go conservative, NRA mocks doctors, 2020 Democratic candidates surface, much more…

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