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November 12, 2015

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Today on The David Pakman Show / November 12, 2015

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On the Show:

–Dr. Elizabeth Englander, Professor of Psychology & Director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State University, joins David to discuss online harassment and cyberbullying

–New jobs accelerate as the unemployment rate continues to drop, with 271,000 new jobs added in October and a 7-year-low unemployment rate of 5%

–Fox News anchors Steve Doocy and Elisabeth Hasselbeck seem hilariously confused by the drop in the unemployment rate and job creation

–A stunning new poll has both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton handily defeating Donald Trump and Jeb Bush in hypothetical general election matchups

–David recommends the documentary film The Hacker Wars

–Get your Hatriot Mail calendars! 55 sold in the first 8 days!

–Mother Jackie Sims thinks that a book about cancer is pornography because if references “genitalia,” and wants the book banned

–The 2016 Republican candidates are divided on a number of issues, including Social Security, Medicare, and social welfare benefits

–How many life stories has 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson fabricated?

–Voicemail about “believing” in evolution

–On the Bonus Show: The insanity from the TDPS move to Boston, in all of its horrible detail

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