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November 10, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Chilean President Sebastián Piñera has been impeached by the lower house of congress for the revelations about him in the Pandora Papers

–Despite claims about Facebook’s supposed left wing bias, the top political posts on the platform are almost exclusively right wing

–Fury grows, including calls for arrest and investigation, over Republican Congressman Paul Gosar’s tweet of an anime video depicting him killing Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

–Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers issues a bogus and pathetic “apology” for lying about his COVID vaccination status after he starts to lose endorsement deals

–Another disastrous ruling for Donald Trump as Judge Tanya Chutkan denies Trump’s attempts to block investigators from obtaining records about his meetings and calls leading up to the January 6 Trump riots

–The Republican civil war continues escalating as Donald Trump publishes a wild statement trashing and attacking Republican Senator Mitch McConnell

–A new grift of potentially historic proportions surfaces, led by Bari Weiss and others, called the “University of Austin”

–Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson is permanently banned from Twitter just hours after having her temporary suspension lifted, all due to her continued spreading of vaccine disinformation

–Voicemail from a caller explaining that his mom is now completely off the deep end with right wing insanity

–On the Bonus Show: Singapore withdraws free healthcare for unvaccinated COVID patients, GE is splitting into three companies, Congress tells carmakers to stop drunk driving, much more…

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