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November 10, 2020

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–On the Show:

–After barely winning the Presidency, losing seats in the House, and with control of the Senate still up in the air, Democrats have serious problems to solve over the next several years

–Donald Trump and Mike Pence try to take credit for the hopefully-upcoming Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, and Pfizer immediately backs them off

–Joe Biden and Kamala Harris launch their coronavirus task force, and as a much welcome change of pace to Donald Trump, none of their family members are on the task force

–Donald Trump loses his mind on Twitter, wildly claiming that he’s going to win Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada

–Fox News host Neil Cavuto cuts out of Donald Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s press conference over unsubstantiated lies

–Caller asks if Trump should be removed with the 25th Amendment during the lame duck period

–Caller asks if Trump will ever go away

–Caller asks about faithless electors

–Caller thinks Trump needs to go away forever

–Caller wonders how Republicans keep getting reelected

–Now that Donald Trump is mad at Fox News, he is relegated to posting clips from NewsMax to Twitter

–Donald Trump is reportedly going to restart his MAGA rallies to lobby for recounts and raise money

–Voicemail caller is very worried about David’s complexion

–On the Bonus Show: The future of Trumpist media, Trump fires Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, Putin won’t congratulate Biden until challenges end, much more…

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