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November 10, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Between the mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 21st and the mass shooting in Texas on November 5th, 4,319 people were shot in the United States and 1,385 of those people were killed

–Mila Kunis goes on TBS’s “Conan” and reveals she donates to Planned Parenthood monthly under the pseudonym “Mike Pence,” so some on the right are boycotting Jim Bean, a bourbon whiskey product for which she a spokesperson

–Caller questions whether politics will cease being a personality contest and return to the issues

–Caller wonders what happens to the Trump supporters once Donald Trump is no longer president

–Caller explores the possibility of whether a libertarian free market utopia would work

–Caller asks if abortion should be allowed in the case of disappointment with the race of the child

–Caller debates with David over the veracity of the Trump-Russia scandal

–Caller ponders how the cards would fall if President Trump were to be impeached

–Audience Question: What side are you on in the Sam Seder vs. Jimmy Dore debate?

–Audience Question: What irrational or dumb thing does society at large see as normal?

–Audience Question: Is chili a soup?

–On the Bonus Show: The Navy is embroiled in a prostitution and bribery scandal, cyclist loses her job after flipping off Trump’s motorcade, Robert Mercer sells his stake in Breitbart, and much more…

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