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May 6, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Stunning new numbers out of Montana show that Democrats could win a Senate seat there, and could even take over control of the Senate in November

–Donald Trump fires an Inspector General just before they were set to receive a devastating whistleblower complaint from Dr. Rick Bright regarding Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic

–Donald Trump now wants to cancel the White House Coronavirus Task Force, despite deaths spiking again and no end to the pandemic in sight

–Donald Trump absolutely explodes over a brutal ad from The Lincoln Project

–Donald Trump collapses under basic questioning from ABC reporter David Muir during his visit to Arizona and a Honeywell facility making N95 masks

–Donald Trump refuses to wear a mask while touring a mask-mandatory Honeywell facility in Arizona

–A message to the people I can never satisfy

–Exciting changes and improvements to the David Pakman Show, including expanding the show’s daily programming

–Voicemail caller asks whether the armed coronavirus protesters would be treated differently by police if they were mostly black people

–On the Bonus Show: Rand Paul says he doesn’t need a mask, UN warns starvation could double during pandemic, insurgent left starts using PACs, much more…

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