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May 3, 2019

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–Classic Interview: Bill Blunden, an independent computer security researcher and author of the book “Behold a Pale Farce: Cyberwar, Threat Inflation, and the Malware Industrial Complex,” joins David to discuss internet surveillance, privacy, crime, and more…

–Donald Trump signals that he might be abandoning the anti-vaccine movement he has placated since the 2016 Republican primaries

–Caller is concerned that the left will not unify around the eventual 2020 Democratic nominee

–Caller wonders whether the problem with the Democratic Party is with the progressive wing or the centrist wing

–Caller questions whether a President Joe Biden would push for Medicare for All and free college

–Caller worries the DNC will tip the scales against Bernie Sanders in 2020 as it did in 2016

–Caller is ready to learn about the current situation in Venezuela

–Audience Question: Should kids today be raised gender and sexual orientation neutral?

–Audience Question: Should every death penalty case be turned over to life without the possibility of parole?

–Audience Question: If state college tuition becomes free, don’t we have to restrict access?

–On the Bonus Show: Beto releases initiative to fight climate change, 4 whistleblower calls made to FAA about Boeing 737 Max, man accused of marrying four women pleads guilty, and much more…

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