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May 28, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Anna Merlan, Senior Reporter at G/O Media Group and author of the book Republic of Lies, joins David to discuss what’s new about conspiracy theories in America

–Mike Pence admits that he expects multiple armed military conflicts during a speech to West Point graduates, including even in Europe,l North Korea, and even China

–Republican Senator Lindsey Graham implodes when asked to defend his contradictory statements about impeachment by Fox News’ Chris Wallace

–Donald Trump first says that he is fine with North Korea’s recent missile launch, and subsequently denies that the launch ever happened

–Could Donald Trump’s judgment be any worse than it is?

–A visibly sweaty Donald Trump stumbles on questions of “treason” in what is another blatant attempt at redefining reality

–Acting Texas Secretary of State David Whitley resigns after a bogus voter purge that wrongly claimed 100,000 non-citizens were registered to vote, but the propaganda effect can’t be undone

–Voicemail caller asks whether social democrats should be opposed to technological advancements that will take jobs from people

–On the Bonus Show: David’s wacky vacation and dog poop stories, recent milkshake attacks, much more…

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