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May 27, 2014

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Today on The David Pakman Show / May 27, 2014

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On the Show:

–Lori Wallach, Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, joins David to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership, what it contains, and how to get involved

–California’s recent mass shooting, carried out by Elliot Rodger, brings all of the crazy right-wingers out of the woodwork

–Dr. Robi Ludwig, a Fox News “expert,” suggests that homosexual impulses may have triggered the shooting rampage

–Fox News edits out NRA criticism from comments made by Richard Martinez, the father of a shooting victim

–Glenn Greenwald announces that he will name Americans who are being monitored by the government

–WikiLeaks names Afghanistan as the second country where the NSA records all mobile phone calls

–A 53-year-old man from Oklahoma dies in is home after refusing to call 911 because of the cost of his care and treatment

–Evidence shows that firearm background checks are working

–The House tells the Pentagon to ignore climate change

–Singer Toni Braxton suggests that God gave her son autism because she had an abortion earlier in life

–Rafael Cruz, the father of Senator Ted Cruz, blames the end of school prayer for crime and teen pregnancy

–On the Bonus Show: Problem solving at Fukushima, A museum in China is closed over fake exhibits, Louis gets stopped by a religious nut at a market, more…

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