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May 19, 2014

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Today on The David Pakman Show / May 19, 2014

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On the Show:

–Bill Blunden, an independent computer security researcher and author of the book “Behold a Pale Farce: Cyberwar, Threat Inflation, and the Malware Industrial Complex,” talks with David about internet surveillance, privacy, crime, and more…

–Operation American Spring completely flops

–A lawyer representing Chris Christie’s former campaign manager, Bill Stepien, says that Christie knew about “Bridge-gate”

–Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, a pregnant 27-year-old Sudanese woman, is sentenced to death for being Christian

–Gary Kiehne, a gun-toting Arizona Congressional candidate, says that Democrats commit 99% of mass shootings

–Noteworthy Amazon items

–Elisabeth Hasselbeck is dumbfounded as her guest, former Patriots linebacker Shawn Stuckey, explains that the NFL’s new policy on weed isn’t bad

–Glenn Beck thinks he has the smartest audience ever

–Clayton Thomas Kelly brings us the most sickening political stunt of the year

–Jacob Lavoro, a 19-year-old man from Texas, is facing life in prison for pot brownies

–Voicemail on smart guns, Joe Messina, and Jews vs. Nazis beer pong

–On the Bonus Show: North Carolina loves fracking, Rush Limbaugh: honored children’s author, The Sriracha battle continues, more…

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