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May 10, 2016

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–Our investigation into free speech on American college campuses, and the concept of “safe spaces” and how it impacts the concept of universities being “free spaces”

–An article called What My Dad’s Kidnapping by Muslim Terrorists Taught Me About Islamophobia written by Sulome Anderson was published in Vice yesterday; the article attempts to slam us for our critique of Reza Aslan

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–Failed former vice presidential candidate and reality television star Sarah Palin is furious over Speaker Paul Ryan’s refusal to back Donald Trump, and she’s hellbent on ending his career

–The Justice Department is filing a civil rights lawsuit over North Carolina’s HB2; the infamous transgender bathroom bill

–A huge study involving 190 researchers in 140 research centers across 17 countries have located some specific genetic variants associated with happiness

–Voicemail on spirits appearing during an interview

–On the Bonus Show: Uber and Lyft leave Austin, Paypal to stop crowdfunding protection, limb-lengthening in India, more…

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