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May 1, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Brian Klaas, Fellow in Global and Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics, joins David to discuss his book “The Despot’s Accomplice: How the West is Aiding and Abetting the Decline of Democracy”

–Donald Trump has an interview with Reuters and admits the presidency is a challenging job, saying “I thought it would be easier”

–President Trump makes a bogus prediction in an interview with Fox News, saying that he will “probably pay more” in personal taxes under the Republican tax reform bill

–In an interview with Fox News, Donald Trump blames his lack of accomplishments in his first one-hundred days in office on the constitutional system of checks and balances

–President Trump makes the wildly contradictory claim that he is both “a nationalist and a globalist”

–Both the Trump transition team and the Trump White House knew about Michael Flynn’s ties to a foreign government and they still appointed him as National Security Adviser

–Donald Trump holds a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and asserts that he broke the “all-time” record for attendance at the PA Farm Show Complex, yet photos reveal plenty of unfilled seats and empty spots

–President Trump goes on CBS’s Face the Nation and calls North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un a “smart cookie”

–Voicemail asks if David ever loses faith in current events

–On the Bonus Show: Student loans designed to fail, firefighting drones save lives, David’s flight troubles, and much more…

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