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March 4, 2009

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman – March 4th, 2009

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Total Running Time: 56:19

This Week’s Topics:

–Kenneth Hahn, Executive Director of Global Routes, joins us live in studio.

–President Obama’s plan to end the war, or is it?

–Robert Gates, George W Bush’s carryover Defense Secretary to Barack Obama, addresses whether he thinks Obama’s plan to leave Iraq is acceptable.

–We hear from Ann Coulter about sending more troops to Afghanistan.

–The CPAC Rush Limbaugh controversy, talk of Rush as the current leader of the Republican Party, and whether stressing that notion is a good plan for Democrats.

–Rush Limbaugh explains his comments about wanting Obama to fail, and says all Republicans want Obama to fail, but most just wont say it.

–A bizarre 13-year-old speaks at CPAC.

–Governor Bobby Jindal’s made up story from his recent response to Barack Obama’s national address.

–More from Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, now recovered from his TurboTax trouble, about this recession and health care, a topic not much discussed by the Obama administration until this week.

–Energy, including T Boone Pickens’ latest, electric golf carts, and more.

–More suggestions that there isn’t global warming as evidenced by a snow storm in the northeast this week.

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