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March 3, 2011

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / March 3rd, 2011

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On the Show:

–David Wynn Miller, known for his theories involving control of people by the government through the use of grammar and language, discusses his correct language, explains why he is the king of Hawaii, and denies any connection to Jared Lee Loughner’s interest in government control through grammar.

–Ana Kasparian, co-host of The Young Turks, joins us to talk about continued Republican attacks on women, and about the Charlie Sheen scandal.

–2012 Republican candidates are a bizarre mix, including Mitt Romney having to denounce the most successful thing he did as Massachusetts governor, Sarah Palin only running if no one else does even though she claims to have all the answers, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, and many others.

–The Supreme Court is more corrupt than ever, Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas should step down, while Congressman Anthony Wiener and other Democrats seem more and more willing to criticize Fox News reporting live on air with them, as Megyn Kelly recently experienced when talking SCOTUS.

–The Charlie Sheen saga, and TMZ considers running a story about a David Pakman scandal after Sir Darryl Roberts plants the idea to them.

—Fox News resorts to making stuff up about Wisconsin, including showing fight footage from elsewhere and claiming it is Wisconsin union protests getting violent, a reporter lying about being punched, and saying polls about the situation are only valid if you remove anyone involved with unions from the results.

–Republican Kentucky State Representative Mike Harmon wants to legalize Christian bullying of gay and lesbian kids.

–Anti-gay Pastor Grant Storms arrested for masturbating in his van near a carousel in a playground full of kids, then claimed he was just urinating in a bottle, and then changed his mind again. Is he evidence for why gay and lesbian couples shouldn’t be able to adopt kids, but he should?

–New stations airing The David Pakman Show in Canada, New York, and Massachusetts, and emails about Republicans attacks on women being domestic terrorism, hypocrisy on media coverage of Egypt, Libya, and Wisconsin, and Congerssman Paul Broun.

–On the Bonus Show Louis discusses his band’s upcoming show, should cigarettes be illegal, fetus testifying in abortion hearings stunt, Julian Assange changes his mind on Jewish conspiracy claims.

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