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March 3, 2010

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This Week on Midweek Politics with David Pakman / March 3rd, 2010

Total Running Time: 60:00

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This Week’s Topics:

–Orly Taitz, the lawyer, dentist, and real estate agent at the head of the birther movement, joins us live.

–Matthew Rothschild, Editor of The Progressive, joins us live to discuss healthcare and surveillance of liberal activist and peace groups.

–Midweek Politics now available on Stitcher, an app for phones.

–The healtchare summit, including exchanges between President Obama and Eric Cantor, Lamar Alexander, and John McCain.

–Fact-checking the healthcare summit.

–Why Democrats should use reconciliation to pass healthcare reform, even though the bill itself has been watered down more and more, as a political move given that 2010 is already looking bad for them.

–Wrapping up the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, including final medal counts, and a sad but true sign about healthcare held up by a Canadian fan caught on camera.

–Republican legislator Bob Marshall says disabled children are God’s punishment for abortion.

–The activist group Atheist Agenda organizes a program to trade bibles for porn in San Antonio, and the results are hilarious.

–Senator Inhofe wants to investigate what he calls the global warming hoax after some parts of the US received plenty of snow during winter.

–Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons is caught in the Las Vegas airport with a woman named in his divorce papers minutes after denying she was with him, on the same plan as him, and returning from a trip with him in an amusing confrontation.

–Voters who switched to the Democratic Party to screw up the primary in 2008 at the request of Rush Limbaugh are now finding themselves in an unfortunate, but funny, situation.

–A JFK airport air traffic controller allowed his son to direct air traffic for a few minutes, and we have the audio.

–Audience emails about Joe Biden on Ash Wednesday, corporate personhood, and Scott Brown’s use of the Austin plane crash to play politics.

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