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March 28, 2024

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— On the Show:

— In the wake of the absurd Alabama IVF ruling, Democrat  Marilyn Lands wins a House special election in Alabama, making her the first net-gain Democratic pick-up in the Alabama legislature since 2002

— Republicans are increasingly panicking over the possible impact in 2024 of their continued assault on reproductive rights, most recently the Alabama IVF ruling

— Fox hosts are demanding apologies from NBC and are generally furious over the quick firing of former RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel after an on-air talent revolt against her

— Republican strategist Karl Rove warns Democrats and Republicans that RFK Jr.’s candidacy could “cost Joe Biden the election”

— Failed former President Donald Trump blatantly ignores Judge Juan Merchan’s gag order and continues attacking Merchan’s daughter

— President Joe Biden is lining up a major ambush on Donald Trump in the 2024 election

— John Eastman, Donald Trump’s insurrectionist former lawyer, has been disbarred

— Charlie Kirk makes a pathetic anti-transgender argument, equating gender identity with arbitrary “age identity”

— A disheveled and haggard looking Donald Trump begs for cash in his most pathetic video in weeks

— Voicemail caller wonders where all of the MAGAs reacting to things David has never said on the show are getting their ideas

— On the Bonus Show: RNC makes Trump election lies a litmus test for new hires, Visa & Mastercard settle antitrust lawsuit, Daniel Kahneman dead at 90, much more…

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