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March 26, 2012

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Today on The David Pakman Show / March 26th, 2012

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On the Show:

–Craig Smith, Chairman of Swiss America, joins David to discuss his claim that President Obama could and might start confiscating gold from Americans, a claim David disagrees with for a number of reasons.

–David almost gets arrested in Montreal over the weekend, and he explains why.

–The gun control aspect of the Trayvon Martin story is not being discussed in mainstream media, and we analyze Florida gun laws.

–CNN reporter uses the n-word on TV, and we discuss the implications, and usage of offensive language when reporting on stories.

–An audience member claims to have heard a caller to the show in 2006 that sounds suspiciously like producer Louis Motamedi.

–We should start researching Mitt Romney’s birth certificate and eligibility to be President of the US, given that his father was born in Mexico, and a number of other concerning facts.

–Ann Coulter suggests that maybe it’s time for Republican to start going after Obama’s children.

–Following up on last week’s topic of airline security, we further explore whether private airline security is really a good idea.

–Woman demanding care at St. Mary’s hospital is arrested for trespassing and dies in jail, while another woman dies in a hospital as security and staff stand around.

–Voicemail & email on contraception, Florida drug testing, anti-Semitism in Europe, more.

–On the Bonus Show: US pays $50k per Afghan massacre death, Muslim guide to wife control book, New Black Panther Party bounty on Trayvon Martin’s killer, more.

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