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March 25, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Natalie Wynn, video essayist and progressive commentator known for her YouTube channel Contrapoints, joins David to discuss fascism, authoritarianism, and much more

–The Mueller report is delivered to Donald Trump’s AG William Barr, who releases a 4 page summary, leading to endless confusion and misreporting of what has and has not taken place so far

–Donald Trump is rapidly barreling towards re-election in 2020

–Donald Trump is removing sanctions from North Korea because he “likes” dictator Kim Jong Un

–Jared Kushner is allegedly using the message app WhatsApp for White House business, posing a massive national security threat

–Fundraising platform GoFundMe bans anti-vaccine campaigns from its platform

–Voicemail caller asks why Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk regularly swears on his program, but David doesn’t

–On the Bonus Show: British PM faces new pressure to quit over Brexit, Shaq joins Papa John’s board, why the Mormon church changed its name, much more…

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