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March 24, 2017

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–On the Show:

–President Trump’s low approval ratings and ongoing scandals suggest this would be an opportune time for the Trump administration to manufacture a “false flag” operation and rally support around him

–David recommends the book “Waves of Rancor” by Hillard and Keith

–Caller asks if we can ignore Donald Trump’s antics

–Caller has the plan to help Democrats win rural districts

–Caller wonders if Trump supporters can be persuaded by reason

–Best caller ever proposes mind-blowing conspiracy theory

–Caller inquires about open versus closed primaries

–Caller is upset with President Trump’s frequent Mar-a-Lago trips and asks how to deal with Trump supporters in one’s own family

–Caller wonders if current energy policy will doom American society

–Audience Question: Should news sites have a system that checks if you read a story before you can comment or share?

–Audience Question: What do you think the legal ages should be for drinking, gambling, buying cigarettes, buying marijuana, driving, consenting to sex, and joining the military?

–Audience Question: What would you consider a “useless” college degree?

–On the Bonus Show: Stephen Hawking on traveling 20% the speed of light, CVS removes cigarettes and smoking rates decline, spring breakers chant “build that wall” in Mexico and much more…

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