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March 19, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Hunt Allcott, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and Associate Professor of Economics at New York University, joins David to discuss his study which demonstrated that people are happier when they quit Facebook

–Donald Trump’s mental health is again a topic of discussion after a bizarre series of tweets related to a Saturday Night Live rerun, the Mueller probe, Fox News hosts, and much more

–Contrary to what happens in the US, New Zealand reacts completely logically to the recent mass shooting

–Donald Trump’s most pathetic broken promises, including about the US-Mexico border wall, the debt, GDP growth, and much more

–Explosive controversy breaks out over alleged intellectual property theft of Sam Seder’s set design by David Pakman

–Senator Cory Booker, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, won’t answer a simple question from Chris Matthews about whether football is dangerous

–Voicemail caller demands David clarify his position on the Trump tax cut he received in light of confused comments in response to the original segment

–On the Bonus Show: Fox pulls Judge Jeanine show after Islamophobic rant, Russia criminalizes online news “disrespectful” to government, Beto raises a ton of money, much more…

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