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March 17, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Donald Trump is winning some, but losing other 2024 Republican primary polls, and we look at whether polling is accurate in March of the year before an election

— Republicans are endorsing Ron DeSantis, who is not actually a declared 2024 candidate at this time

— Donald Trump supporter, while speaking to Walter Masterson, says she is against critical race theory, instead preferring the teaching of black history in schools, a very confused claim to be making

— Caller asks if it’s ever justifiable to want to live in an ethnostate

— Caller asks if the Biden administration should do more to address the adderall crisis

— Caller asks why Tucker Carlson is so soft on Putin

— Irish caller asks David how influential CPAC is on American politics

— Caller says that Republicans are more tough on pedophiles than Democrats are

— Caller praises Gavin Newsom’s rhetorical strategy

— Caller proposes their conspiracy theory about David and Alex Jones

— Caller mistakes David for Brian Tyler Cohen

— Friday feedback!

— On the Bonus Show: David updates the audience on the latest goings-on at the David Pakman Show

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