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March 17, 2017

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–On the Show:

–President Trump’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year would eliminate federal funding for Meals on Wheels and slash the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by 31%, all to appropriate funds towards building a US-Mexican border wall and raising defense spending

–David recommends the book “Lessons of History” by Will and Ariel Durant

–We ask the audience whether classic interviews or additional live calls should make up the third segment of Friday episodes

–Caller wants to hear David’s position on the Israeli BDS movement

–Caller demands to know what time the show airs

–Caller doesn’t understand why the American President is referred to as the “Leader of the Free World”

–Caller wonders if the public learned anything from seeing two pages of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns

–Caller wonders what the Republican end game is for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act

–Audience Question: Do you believe in the “butterfly effect” or karma?

–Audience Question: Should being an organ donor be mandatory?

–Audience Question: Should celebrities and athletes get political, or keep it to themselves?

–On the Bonus Show: New Ag-Gag bill in Arkansas, Amazon plans drive-up grocery stores, IRS removes the tax-exempt status of Richard Spencer’s nonprofit and much more…

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