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March 16, 2015

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Today on The David Pakman Show / March 16, 2015 / Best of from January 13, 2015

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–Claire Headley, who worked at Scientology headquarters as a sea organization member for 15 years, joins David to discuss working for the Church of Scientology, being involved in the auditing of Tom Cruise, being forced by the Church to have two abortions, and her eventual escape from the Church’s remote compound in California

–Charlie Hebdo’s first cover since the terror attack displays a depiction of Mohammed

–Antisemitic conspiracies flourish after the Charlie Hebdo attack

–Boko Haram massacres thousands in Nigeria; survivors stop counting the bodies

–A Muslim ethnic cleansing at the hands of Christians in the Central African Republic is being ignored

–Three white militiamen from Georgia are arrested for plotting anti-police terrorism

–Pastor Eric Dammann admits to punching a kid “as hard as he could” for “not taking the lord serious”

–Albuquerque police officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez are charged in the killing of James Boyd

–Senator Ted Cruz is appointed to oversee NASA

–An astonishing 72% of Republican Senators are climate deniers

–Voicemail from the Eggman on the Don Lemon ISIS question

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