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March 11, 2016

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Today on The David Pakman Show / March 11, 2016

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On the Show:

–Classic Interview: Craig Smith, Chairman of Swiss America and author of The Great Debasement, joins David to debate whether President Obama, and more broadly Democrats, are bad for the economy

–Michigan State Representative Gary Glenn, who is a legislative co-chair for Ted Cruz’s campaign, believes that being gay should be a crime

–Walmart’s core customers are struggling with flat income levels, and savings from lower fuel prices aren’t translating into more retail spending

–Flashback: The ban is lifted on embryonic stem cell research by President Obama, but what are the details and what does it mean?

–Flashback: Kansas Republicans, including Governor Sam Brownback, want to cut college aid for the poor to pay for more tax breaks

–Flashback: Fox News host Stuart Varney is outraged that the poor are still being fed despite food stamp cuts

–Audience Question: What specific point in history would you like to live in, if given the choice, and where?

–Audience Question: Would you say that antidepressants make you a different person with a different personality? And is it right for them to do that? Along the same lines, are you a different person when drunk vs sober?

–Audience Question: Can you explain how to determine whether something is politically incorrect vs just being rude or offensive?

–On the Bonus Show: NYC’s new $4 billion trains station, Vietnamese twins have different fathers, Google AI defeats world’s best Go player, 2nd Wachowski sibling comes out as transgender, more…

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