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March 10, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Many companies don’t realize their advertisements are appearing on propaganda websites because they are often using third-party ad agencies; luckily consumers reaching out to suggest these companies pull their commercials has become a highly effective tactic

–David recommends the documentary “Accidental Courtesy”

–Caller doesn’t believe Mike Pence will become the next president if Donald Trump is impeached

–Caller is upset that the Justice Department’s investigation appears to be influenced by President Trump

–Caller imagines the Koch Brothers are upset that the Affordable Care Act hasn’t been repealed yet

–Caller doesn’t believe an independent, nonpartisan commission is necessarily the best way to solve gerrymandering

–Caller needs to know David’s position on anarchist-communism

–Caller questions whether the Vault 7 Wikileaks / CIA revelations are meant to distract from the Trump / Russia scandal

–Caller wonders if the Republican health care plan is “The World’s Greatest Health Care Plan of 2017”

–Caller speculates about an elaborate Hillary Clinton / Russia / Benghazi conspiracy theory

–Audience Question: Is astrology harmful or innocent fun?

–Audience Question: If someone is telling you a story you’ve already heard, do you keep listening?

–Audience Question: Have you ever been tricked by a scam (phone, online, by product advertisements)?

–On the Bonus Show: The 13 most dangerous things in your home, Malaysians banned from leaving North Korea, 2-part interview feedback and much more…

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