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June 8, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Classic Interview: Josh Bernstein, radio talk show host and spokesperson for AMAC, joins David to explain why he is against former President Obama’s lifting of the Cuban embargo

–A team at Michigan Tech University finds that if the US eliminated coal and transitioned to solar energy, 52,000 lives would be saved every year and trillions of dollars would be pumped into the economy

–David recommends the book “Bringing Down The House” by Ben Mezrich

–Caller asks if political correctness is getting out of hand at university campuses

–Caller wants David to debate Secular Talk’s Kyle Kulinski on the significance of the Trump-Russia scandal

–Caller wonders if Elizabeth Warren is a true progressive or part of the problem in the Democratic party

–Caller wants David to find the solution to terrorism

–Audience Question: Are “all natural” products really better for you or is it a marketing ploy?

–Audience Question: What is the most and least impressive tourist attractions you’ve ever seen?

–Audience Question: What political issue do your parent(s) disagree with you most on?

–On the Bonus Show: Sound cannons could cost the NYPD, iPhones to block texts while driving, no Friday show, and much more…

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