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June 3, 2019

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–On the Show:

–The sequel to our long form deep dive on the topic of race and IQ, addressing some of the most common criticisms of the original piece

–Obstruction aside, there’s a growing case for impeaching Donald Trump over his role in funding the Saudi war against Yemen

–Markets crash after Donald Trump announces new tariffs on Mexico as the world realizes Trump has no idea what he’s doing and doesn’t even understand how tariffs work

–It’s increasingly clear that Trumpists, and Donald Trump himself, don’t understand that they are the ones paying Trump’s tariffs on China and Mexico

–2020 Democratic primary polling stabilizes with numerous consecutive polls putting Bernie Sanders in second place at 17% and Joe Biden in first place at 35%

–Voicemail caller asks how to find the Mueller report, a question that is concerning for a number of reasons

–On the Bonus Show: David makes a huge announcement on the Bonus Show

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