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June 27, 2011

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This Week on The David Pakman Show / June 27th, 2011

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On the Show:

–Bob Werb, Chariman of the Board of The Space Frontier Foundation joins us to talk about the future of space exploration and space travel, financing new space projects, what is on the horizon, and more.

–Marriage equality is approved in New York, making it the largest state so far to pass such a law.

–David wonders who proposes marriage in a gay or lesbian relationship.

–New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would veto a New York-style marriage equality bill in New Jersey, and the conservative media love affair with Christie continues.

–Clips of anti-gay pastor Damon Thompson, who is ignoring out requests for an interview, and David asks audience members to contact him asking for an interview.

–Accusations that Justice David Prosser choked Justice Ann Walsh Bradley are met with totally unfounded headlines by conservative media, including Fox News.

–CNN brings on psychics to predict what will happen with the economy, and as absurd as it is, there might be some unintended logic behind the premise.

–Fascinating new article on why people believe stupid stuff, even when confronted with facts.

–More evidence suggesting Mitt Romney is completely disconnected from reality, this time using Republican activist Ryan King as a “struggling” man in an anti-Obama political advertisement.

–Emails on Miss USA conservatism, judge requiring church attendance as a condition of bail, whether one would commit suicide if a comet destroyed most people and things.

–On the Bonus Show Bachmann John Wayne confusion, Chris Wallace apologizes, new TSA horror story, Michelle Obama’s Africa trip worth it?

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