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June 22, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump’s ill-advised rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma devolves into total embarrassment, including with Trump’s admission that he asked for coronavirus testing to be slowed down, as well as Trump spending more than 20 minutes on water drinking and ramp walking

–Interviews with rally-goers outside Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally confirm that these are not people we will be able to “convince” to reconsider their vote for Trump, reminding us of the importance of getting out the vote

–Donald Trump was widely embarrassed by the hilariously small size of his rally audience in Tulsa, Oklahoma after bragging about having received “1 million” ticket requests

–Fox Host Chris Wallace absolutely humiliates Trump campaign staffer Mercedes Schlapp when she makes bogus claims trying to explain away the low attendance at Donald Trump’s Tulsa, Oklahoma rally

–Multiple reports confirm that Donald Trump was absolutely furious over the large number of empty seats at his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally

–The coronavirus pandemic explodes overwhelmingly in red states, as blue states as increasingly under control, and we discuss why we’re seeing this political split

–Absolute chaos is expected in Kentucky for their primary election, as 95% of polling places have been closed and absentee ballots are slow to arrive by mail

–Delightful voicemail caller believes Donald Trump may have lied when talking about black Americans

–On the Bonus Show: The Trump administration’s new plan to end DACA, 20% of ocean floor now mapped, coins are the latest pandemic shortage, much more…

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